IO Thermostatic Switch with 4 Buttons


Display 2.3-inch OLED Screen

Rotating Knob 1 Rotating and Pushing Knob

push Buttons 4 Push Buttons with White / Orange


TIS BUS TIS Protocol Messages and Commands


Rotating / Press (knob) Change Temperature / AC ON-OFF

Single Press (push button) ON/OFF/Scene

Long Press (push button) Dim or Ramp the Lights

Double Click (push button) Extra Scene

INPUT Temp / Humidity Sensor 0-100C / 0-99% RH

Using Panel Addition 2-3 Digital Inputs


Using Panel Addition 3R 3 Relay Output 3A / 5A

Using Panel Addition 3DL-12V 12VDC 50mA Output

Using Panel Addition 2DL-IRE IR Emitter

MOUNTING Junction Box US, EU, UK Standard

IO Thermostatic Switch with 4 Buttons
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