Panel Addition Three-Channel Coupler


3 Separate Channels For Incandescent Lamps (200


Simple FCU Function Cool, Heat, Fan Outputs

Fan Speed Control Low, Medium, High Outputs

Motor and Lighting

Ch1 & Ch2 as Open / Close

Interlocked, Ch3 to Work



Number of Channels 3

Nominal Voltage 0–230VAC 50/60 Hz

Low Current 5A / 28VDC

Lighting Incandescent Lamp 4A / 230VAC

Motors / Air conditioning 3A / 230VAC

LED and CFL Lamp 1A / 230VAC

MOUNTING Behind the Panel

Attach to the Back of TIS Panels

Including Luna, IO, Mars, Terre-A

Fits Into All Standard Back Boxes

Panel Addition Three-Channel Coupler
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